Our Fleet

Trucks and Equipment
Maxima Logistics owns and operates its fleet of trucks and rented trucks. Our road transportation vehicles include standard and specialized trucks with full trailers and semi-trailers. Managing our own fleet of trucks empowers us with additional flexibility to respond to customer’s requirements, and enhances our quality control. Our trucks and equipment allow us to transport a wide array of cargo types in volume transporters (up to 120 m3).We operate RENAULT trucks, designed according to the latest road standards and the requirements for international transportation. The vehicles of Maxima Logistics are compliant with the EURO 4 environmental and anti-pollution standards.

To expand our service range to the benefit of our customers, we are planning to invest in new vehicles (box trailers, refrigerated trucks, car transporters, flatbed and low-bed trailers, tankers, beverage transporters, and tippers) and equipment for hazardous materials deliveries (ADR).
Our Advantages
Maxima own and operate its own fleet of trucks, which allows for extra control and flexibility in satisfying our clients’ transportation needs. Our automotive park includes new vehicles – the perfect choice for transporting heavy goods over long distances. We operate truck tractors with semi-trailers with trailer dimensions – 13.60 m (93-95m³), and trucks with full trailers – 7.7/7.7 m (115m³). Most of the vehicles are equipped with Euro 4 engines, in line with the latest anti-pollution standards.

Customer Service
All our trucks meet the latest technological standards. This guaranties fast delivery and high safety for your cargo. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our multilingual logistics centre coordinates the timely and quality communication between customer, driver, pickup and delivery locations. We are committed to fulfilling our customers’ demands promptly and adequately.

Insurance and Licensing
All our vehicles are covered by CMR insurance – carrier’s insurance during transport. Most of our trucks are equipped with CEMT licenses which enable us to carry out truck transport services to and from third countries without obtaining additional permits.